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overview Dr. Joseph Gibbons is an urban sociologist interested in how neighborhoods affect the well being of their residents. His research centers on how forces of ethnoracial inequality in the form of residential segregation and gentrification affect individual health and healthy behaviors. A key component of this dynamic is how segregation and gentrification uniquely impact one's sense of connection to their local community. To study these phenomenon, Dr. Gibbons draws on a number of data sources, including in-person interviews, demographic analysis of census data, electronic health records like cancer registries, and the use of 'big data' new media sources like Twitter. As an Associate Director of the Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age research center, he explores his interests with a multidisciplinary team of scholars from disciplines including Communications, City Planning, Geography, Linguistics, and Public Health. Dr. Gibbons has published on these topics in various journals, including Environment and Planning B, Social Science Research, Urban Studies, Urban Affairs Review, and the Journal of Urban Health. His work has been discussed in media outlets like CityLab.
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Concept Residence Characteristics
Academic Article Twitter-based measures of neighborhood sentiment as predictors of residential population health.
Academic Article Declining segregation through the lens of neighborhood quality: does middle-class and affluent status bring equality?
Academic Article The Association of Minority Self-Rated Health with Black versus White Gentrification.
Academic Article Evaluating gentrification's relation to neighborhood and city health.
Academic Article Muslim-Non-Muslim Locational Attainment in Philadelphia: A New Fault Line in Residential Inequality?
Academic Article Evaluating Residential Segregation's Relation to the Clustering of Poor Health across American Cities.
Academic Article Are gentrifying neighborhoods more stressful? A multilevel analysis of self-rated stress.
Academic Article Neighborhood Racial/Ethnic Composition and Medical Discrimination’s Relation to Mammograms: A Philadelphia Case Study
Academic Article “Placing” the Relation of Social Media Participation to Neighborhood Community Connection
Academic Article Evaluating the Relationship of Social Service Usage to Neighborhood Attachment for Older Adults: A Case Study
Academic Article Do Gentrifying Neighbourhoods Have Less Community? Evidence from Philadelphia
Academic Article The Effect of Segregated Cities on Ethnoracial Minority Healthcare System Distrust
Academic Article Environment and Planning B
Academic Article A Stop Too Far: How does public transportation concentration influence neighborhood median household income?
Academic Article Does Racial Segregation Make Community-Based Organizations More Territorial? Evidence from Newark, NJ and Jersey City, NJ
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