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overview Dr. Thompson is Associate Professor of Epidemiology, specializing in cancer epidemiology, health care delivery, quantitative methodology and “big” data science. She holds a Master of Public Health and Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology from the University Of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Dr. Thompson’s research interests include cancer screening and detection, cancer-related healthcare delivery, racial and ethnic disparities in cancer, (re)use of electronic health records for research, imputation and quantitative bias analysis for missing data, development and application of novel methods for causal inference, and geospatial cancer epidemiology. In addition to her role as faculty with the SPH, she is also an Adjunct Professor and K12 scholar at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine and a Consulting Investigator at Sutter Health, where she completed her post-doctoral training as an AcademyHealth Delivery Systems Science Fellow (DSSF) in 2014. Prior to receiving her training as an Epidemiologist, she enjoyed a 10-year career in the biopharma industry as a data manager for oncology clinical trials.
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Concept Safety Management
Concept Data Collection
Grant SDSU HealthLINK Center for Transdisciplinary Health Disparities Research
Grant Lung cancer in never smokers: incidence, risk factors, and molecular characteristics in Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanderfemales
Grant Understanding the Multilevel Drivers of Liver Cancer Disparities
Grant Innovative Infrastructure to Enhance and Sustain the California Teachers Study Cohort
Academic Article Comparison of Ultrasound Guidance vs. Clinical Assessment Alone for Management of Pediatric Skin and Soft Tissue Infections.
Academic Article A Multiple-Imputation "Forward Bridging" Approach to Address Changes in the Classification of Asian Race/Ethnicity on the US Death Certificate.
Academic Article Use of Gene Expression Profiling and Chemotherapy in Early-Stage Breast Cancer: A Study of Linked Electronic Medical Records, Cancer Registry Data, and Genomic Data Across Two Health Care Systems.
Academic Article Quality management and perceptions of teamwork and safety climate in European hospitals.
Academic Article Patient Experience Shows Little Relationship with Hospital Quality Management Strategies.
Academic Article Selection bias modeling using observed data augmented with imputed record-level probabilities.
Academic Article Measuring professionalism in medicine and nursing: results of a European survey.
Academic Article DUQuE quality management measures: associations between quality management at hospital and pathway levels.
Academic Article Involvement of patients or their representatives in quality management functions in EU hospitals: implementation and impact on patient-centred care strategies.
Academic Article Measuring clinical management by physicians and nurses in European hospitals: development and validation of two scales.
Academic Article Evidence-based organization and patient safety strategies in European hospitals.
Academic Article The relationship between social capital and quality management systems in European hospitals: a quantitative study.
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