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Wells, KristenPerson Why?
Thompson, CarolinePerson Why?
Innovative approaches to reducing cancer health disparities: the Moffitt Cancer Center Patient Navigator Research Program.Academic Article Why?
Sleep disturbance and cancer-related fatigue symptom cluster in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Patient and provider characteristics associated with colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer screening among Asian Americans.Academic Article Why?
Diagnostic resolution of cancer screening abnormalities at community health centers.Academic Article Why?
An integrated model of skin cancer risk in sexual minority males.Academic Article Why?
Managed care and cancer outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Lung cancer in never smokers: incidence, risk factors, and molecular characteristics in Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific IslanderfemalesGrant Why?
Cancer patients' fears related to clinical trial participation: a qualitative study.Academic Article Why?
Claims-Based Approach to Predict Cause-Specific Survival in Men With Prostate Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Disaggregating Hispanic American Cancer Mortality Burden by Detailed Ethnicity.Academic Article Why?
Do better-rated navigators improve patient satisfaction with cancer-related care?Academic Article Why?
Effect of patient navigation on satisfaction with cancer-related care.Academic Article Why?
Effect of patient navigation on time to diagnostic resolution among patients with colorectal cancer-related abnormalities.Academic Article Why?
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