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Managed care and cancer outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco use in Florida: comparisons between adults living with and without disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Developmental DisabilitiesConcept Why?
Health Services for Persons with DisabilitiesConcept Why?
Sports for Persons with DisabilitiesConcept Why?
Black-white disparity in disability among U.S. older adults: age, period, and cohort trends.Academic Article Why?
The Dynamic contribution of chronic conditions to temporal trends in disability among U.S. adults.Academic Article Why?
Trends in US older adult disability: exploring age, period, and cohort effects.Academic Article Why?
Disability EvaluationConcept Why?
Insurance, DisabilityConcept Why?
Intellectual DisabilityConcept Why?
International Classification of Functioning, Disability and HealthConcept Why?
Veterans Disability ClaimsConcept Why?
Lin, Shih-FanPerson Why?
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Physical Function Before and After Total Knee Arthroplasty Among Women in the United States.Academic Article Why?
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