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Cohort-based income gradients in obesity among U.S. adults.Academic Article Why?
Anti-Obesity AgentsConcept Why?
ObesityConcept Why?
Obesity Hypoventilation SyndromeConcept Why?
Obesity ManagementConcept Why?
Obesity, AbdominalConcept Why?
Obesity, Metabolically BenignConcept Why?
Obesity, MorbidConcept Why?
Pediatric ObesityConcept Why?
A "fitness" Theme May Mitigate Regional Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity: Evidence from Google Search and Tweets.Academic Article Why?
Lin, Shih-FanPerson Why?
Process Evaluation of an Early Care and Education Intervention: The California Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration Study (CA-CORD).Academic Article Why?
Adult body mass index trajectories and sexual orientation: the Nurses' Health Study II.Academic Article Why?
Robotic versus laparoscopic versus open surgery in morbidly obese endometrial cancer patients - a comparative analysis of total charges and complication rates.Academic Article Why?
The Dynamic contribution of chronic conditions to temporal trends in disability among U.S. adults.Academic Article Why?
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