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Cohort-based income gradients in obesity among U.S. adults.Academic Article Why?
A "fitness" Theme May Mitigate Regional Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity: Evidence from Google Search and Tweets.Academic Article Why?
Process Evaluation of an Early Care and Education Intervention: The California Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration Study (CA-CORD).Academic Article Why?
Adult body mass index trajectories and sexual orientation: the Nurses' Health Study II.Academic Article Why?
Robotic versus laparoscopic versus open surgery in morbidly obese endometrial cancer patients - a comparative analysis of total charges and complication rates.Academic Article Why?
The Dynamic contribution of chronic conditions to temporal trends in disability among U.S. adults.Academic Article Why?
The weight of traumatic stress: a prospective study of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and weight status in women.Academic Article Why?
A restaurant-based intervention to promote sales of healthy children's menu items: the Kids' Choice Restaurant Program cluster randomized trial.Academic Article Why?
Light at night and health: the perils of rotating shift work.Academic Article Why?
Abuse in childhood and adolescence as a predictor of type 2 diabetes in adult women.Academic Article Why?
Cross-site process evaluation results for the early childhood education center setting: CORD StudyAcademic Article Why?
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